SISSEL EDELBO: Blouse mixed colours S/M
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SISSEL EDELBO: Blouse mixed colours S/M, long sleeves, w/ruffle across, was €99

For this top we have up-cycled a sari that has been used by an Indian woman as a saree wrapped around her body. Her spirit is still in this piece of fabric.

NOTE: This means that there can be small tracks such as tiny loose threads or tiny stains on the fabric. We in SISSEL EDELBO love the story as well as the flaws - we hope you will as well - let the story continue - woman to woman. Since the fabric is re-used fabric, we cannot inform what the total composition of the fabric is.



  • Item #: SE-TOP PURP-FLOW1
  • Manufacturer: Sissel Edelbo
  • Condition: Refurbished

SISSEL EDELBO: Blouse mixed colours S/M

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